Have you checked the UV INDEX for today?

Webbcona Bowls Club encourages good UV protection behavior.

Below is a link to our clubs sun smart policy.

The sun smart policy creates awareness around the risk of harmful UV exposure as well as protection strategies to minimise the risk of UV exposure.

A link to Webbcona’s Sun Smart Policy can be found HERE

and our Good Sports Accreditation Certificate HERE



BHBR 2021/22 Women’s Champion of Champions


Proudly established in 1970, Webbcona Bowling Club was named after 3 of its founders Ken Webb, Len Webb & Jack Conaughton.

We pride ourselves on our family culture and welcome new and existing members and their families to join our club.

Webbcona participates in five divisions Saturday and two divisions Tuesday.

Premier Division, Division 1, Division 3, Division 4 and Division 7 on Saturday

Premier Division, Division 3 and Division 4 on Tuesday


Our 50th Anniversary was celebrated in 2019.


Webbcona is a ‘Roll Up Hub Club’ which is designed to get young people active through sport.

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